Mechanical Service and Maintenance; Shift Cover and Shutdowns

JLEs Mechanical Service division are a clever bunch! They offer welding services, welding fabrication services, and stainless steel welding.  As lead mechanical contractors, JLE can service many requirements on site and off site; delivering plant maintenance, equipment upgrades, plant relocations, general engineering service and specialist services in Factory and Processing plants.

FIFO and Remote Services

Hazardous Substance Piping

Design Engineering

Asset Relocations

Fitters / Welders / Abseiling / Crack repairs

Pressure piping Pressure vessels Coded Welding Structural Steel Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
High pressure valves
General Engineering

Welder in welding helmet cuts metal with saw
JLE welder and fabricator

Mechanical Breakdowns

JLE mechanical rapid response to breakdowns and call outs.

Silver pipework in Hawera

Flow Plates

Dairy and Food and Beverage processing industry solutions

Two workers in orange high vis in industrial setting

Manual Vats

Food processing plant fabrication, installation and maintenance

JLE’s People
are JLE’s Greatest Assets


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I would like to thank JLE for the work you have done for us in the Ngawha OEC 4 Geothermal power plant. JLE have delivered a perfect and well executed installation that was required and essential for this Ormat power plant . The transparency and communication during the execution was great, and contributed to the project success. I am sure we will join forces again very soon. Thanks, Shay Lehman - Project Engineer

Shay Lehman - Project Engineer
Ormat Technologies

The event was a success, delivered safely with the critical path activity delivered on time and the event on budget. JLE Mechanical and EI disciplines certainly played a part in the outcome.

TA 2019
Ballance Agri-Nutrients

From the commencement of the project and throughout the construction phase, there were many hurdles which JLE had to overcome and did so with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. JLE offshore project team worked efficiently and effectively together and covered a great deal of work in a short space of time.

H2S Project
OMV Exploration and Production
Welder with welding helmet works