JLE offers Instrumentation, Tubing and Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Services. 

JLE offers industrial Electrical and Mechanical Services, specialising in hard-core sectors. JLE excel in providing our customers with full-scale project management and servicing in infrastructure, power generation, Industrial Processes, Water and Waste Water facilities, Dairy, Food and Beverage, Commercial and Petrochemical industries.

JLE will provide any turnkey project and service requirements throughout New Zealand and Internationally, offering FIFO services with our extensive network of electricians and mechanical contractors, offering remote capabilities where required.

JLE have three operating branches in NZ, based in New Plymouth, Hawera and Auckland. JLE’s Electrical and mechanical contractors look forward to assisting you with your next project.

Electrical Services

Low angle of large metal silo

Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Construction

JLE is a leading Electrical Construction Company. Our Industrial Electricians and Mechanical team are specialist electrical contractors and mechanical contractors. JLE offer excellence in project management and construction of industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects. JLE can deliver projects NZ wide, in the Pacific Islands and Internationally. We specialize in remote locations and hazardous areas. Contact JLE today to discuss your project or request a quote.

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Gloved hand holds electrical testing equipment

Industrial Electrical Service, Maintenance, Shift Cover and Shutdowns

JLE are a leading Commercial and Industrial electrical company in New Zealand. We assure clients that we provide only the best electrical tradespeople to complete all of your service and maintenance requirements. JLE offer competitive rates and value for plant and shift cover, Shutdown electrical and equipment maintenance, fault finding and repairs. We offer our customers Electrical call out services after hours for emergencies and breakdowns.

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Electrician in high viz checks switchboard

Electrical Inspections and Audits

JLE has qualified Electrical Engineering Technicians to assess industrial or hazardous sites for Safety and Electrical compliance. Our industrial electricians have experience remedying non-conforming sites, plants, or equipment. 

JLE also offer Thermal Imaging and PAT testing services for industrial plants and commercial offices to comply with legislation and safety requirements.

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JLE team member in high viz looks at commercial building

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

JLE is a Commercial Electrical contractor.  Our commercial electricians provide new installations, electrical services and general electrical and lighting maintenance to commercial businesses. 

JLE also offer electrical test and tag services and thermal imaging to assure compliance and safety. JLE support environmental sustainability and recycle all possible removed fittings, lamps and fluorescent tubes.

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Mechanical Services

Henwood reservoir pipework

Mechanical Service, Maintenance, Shift Cover and Shutdowns

JLE’s Mechanical Service division are a clever bunch! We offer welding services, welding fabrication services, and stainless-steel welding. As lead mechanical contractors, JLE can service many requirements on-site and off-site; delivering plant maintenance, equipment upgrades, plant relocations, and general engineering services.

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Welder with welding helmet works

Mechanical Steel Fabrication and Installation

JLE’s Mechanical Engineering services team are carbon steel fabricators, stainless steel fabricators, and structural steel fabricators. We take pride in being one of NZs preferred mechanical fabrication companies which manufacture a large range of metal products including hand rails, bollards, tanks, vats, stairs, and more.

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Instrumentation Services

Electrical instrumentation testing equipment

Instrumentation Services (IMC)

JLE provides industrial instrumentation services in conjunction with electrical services. Our instrumentation technicians have experience in various installations, including hazardous areas in industrial sectors including manufacturing, food processing, dairy, factories, water and wastewater plants, power generation, petrochemical, and in onshore and offshore facilities. Dual traders are available for installations or maintenance requiring an electrician and an Instrument tech.

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Waikato tubing

Instrumentation Tubing Services

JLE Instrumentation Tubers are highly experienced in all aspects of stainless-steel tubing, valving, regulators, hydraulic and pneumatic control panels; and can assist with new fit outs, upgrades, extensions or projects.
Competent and trained, our technicians hold gas detection, confined space, Bosiet and Permit to work. JLE Tubing Services can also work in conjunction with our Electrical and Mechanical Trades.

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Asset Management System

JLE's software on multiple devices

JWARE Asset Management Software

JWARE is an easy to use and multi-device supported asset management software. With a fantastic ability to handle multiple user activity, notifications at every step, job automations, the portal gives you a superior control over your KPI’s.

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