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JWare Asset track system is available for added value or purchase from JLE.  The system offers easy access to client information databases, asset databases, information manuals, QA Data and management reporting.  Jware allows technicians in the field to submit job completion details and asset changes in one easy to use application.  Jware is designed to operate on mobile devices to allow up to date information and reporting.  Please contact JLE for a demonstration.

Track Assets by location

Informative reporting tools

Import / Export options

Job Forecasting

Automated job creation

JLE's software on multiple devices

Powerful tools

Assets by location

Interactive dashboard

Informative Reporting tools

Import/export options


Automated job creation

Future job forecasting


Notification at every step

Email notification

Overdue job notification

Company Profiles
Assets by Locations
Job based Priority
Strong reporting tools
Import/Export options
Future Job Forecasting
Automated Job Creation

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I want to thank you very much for your effort and sacrifices; being instrumental in getting this Wellhead hook-up done. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional and competent team.

Norbert Harder - Superintendent

A short note to say a big thank you to you and all others in the safe and timely completion of work over the last 6-7 days, and of course the planning and preparation leading up to site-based work.

Paul Fougere - Upstream Project Manager
Todd Energy

I would like to thank JLE for the work you have done for us in the Ngawha OEC 4 Geothermal power plant. JLE have delivered a perfect and well executed installation that was required and essential for this Ormat power plant . The transparency and communication during the execution was great, and contributed to the project success. I am sure we will join forces again very soon. Thanks, Shay Lehman - Project Engineer

Shay Lehman - Project Engineer
Ormat Technologies

The event was a success, delivered safely with the critical path activity delivered on time and the event on budget. JLE Mechanical and EI disciplines certainly played a part in the outcome.

TA 2019
Ballance Agri-Nutrients
JLE's software on multiple devices

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