Gumboot Friday Fundraiser 2022

JLE would like to acknowledge and thank all those who donated to and sponsored the JLE 2022 Gumboot Friday event.

Mental health within our industry and our wider community is the driver for JLE to hold an event like this.

Being part of an event like Gumboot Friday, where the aim is to promote positive

social changes around mental health, is important to the entire JLE team and to have the support of customers, suppliers, wider families, neighbours, and the general means we can raise more awareness and get the message out further.

The support we received on and before Gumboot Friday was outstanding and a total of $15,328.63 was raised. JLE are pleased to be able to match this sum so a total of $𝟑𝟎,𝟔𝟓𝟕.𝟐𝟓 has been forwarded to the I Am Hope Foundation.

This amount equates to an additional 180 counselling sessions available for our at-risk youth.

Thank you to everyone for helping us with this achievement.