Gumboot Friday 5th November 2021

08/11/2021 UPDATE. JLE's participation in Gumboot Friday was a HUGE success; raising $6500 including JLE's match promise.

This year JLE are getting onboard with Gumboot Friday; a funding/awareness campaign to help young people get the support they need when they are stuck-in-the-mud.

JLE staff have identified that they have all been affected by this topic in some shape or form that’s why our team think it is important to help the young people of Aotearoa, especially in our local community.


JLE will be holding a bacon & egg buttie event at their head office in New Plymouth (154 Gill Street) from 6:30 am to 10:30am on Friday 5th November


If you are in the area we would love you to come and support this great cause, if not feel free to contact us for other donation options at ask@jle.co.nz.