Rzoska Columbia

Client: Rzoska Electrical TALLEYS
Project Value: $250,000 +
Size of Project Team: Six electricians
Project Duration: Jan to May 2013
Lost Time Injuries:0

Project Description
We have supported a major rebuild that could have gone offshore. By contracting to Rzoska electrical JLE was able to boost their team of 15 electricians with an additional 6 from JLE. We had the responsibility for all the accommodation, galley, mess and common areas. The boat is state of the art and is a pivotal vessel in the Nelson fishing industry. The 80m Norwegian design vessel caught fire off the Canterbury coast. The refit is a combination of insurance and improvement work where every system is replaced and upgraded. The main drive is for greater fuel efficiency and improved safety, comfort and data systems on board. JLE is proud to work alongside Rsozka, previously fierce competitors, we have worked together on projects locally and in the Solomon Islands. We plan to keep building this relationship.

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