Rydges Latimer Hotel Rebuild

Client: Lanyon & LeCompte
Size of Project Team: 16
Project Duration: Fifteen Months
Lost Time Injuries:0

Project Description
The Latimer Hotel, demolished following the Christchurch earthquakes, has reopened on its existing site under Rydges management. This landmark 4.5-star hotel is the first to be built 100% compliance with the new building standards, with JLE providing a helping hand with all its electrical requirements alongside the main contractor, Lanyon & LeCompte. JLE has a long-term relationship with the Latimer team as we used to do the service work in the old hotel, so when they were left ‘homeless’ after the second major quake we offered some office space for their short-term use. It turned out to be an ideal solution for both parties, particularly as we worked closely together in the months leading up to, and during, the construction of the new hotel. The scope of the work was extensive, spanning more than nine months and involving up to 16 JLE staff. Work carried out included electrical design for the general layout of the hotel and its 138 rooms, switchboards, heating, ventilator design, water heating, energy-efficient light fittings, most of the conference, restaurant and bar lighting as well as the car park and outdoor lighting. Our team has secured the ongoing service contract work.

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