Morobe Rain Forest Transporter for PNG

Client: Challenge Marine
Project Value: $200,000
Size of Project Team: Five
Project Duration: 3 years
Lost Time Injuries:0

Project Description
A versatile new boat transports freight, passengers, and fish.
When Challenge Marine needed an entire Electrical System for the new boat design they had developed they turned to JLE in Nelson. The 29 metre boat is now located in the Islands around Papua New Guinea where it can berth in dock or land on beaches and is versatile enough to freight, passengers and fish. Designed and built in Nelson, the boat took three years to complete, and JLE was involved in the complete electrical fit out of the Morobe Rain Forest. Our team were responsible for all the electrics on board, from the marine electrics, lighting and power outlets to the warning lights, fog lights and generation of power when not in Port. JLE completed the design, electrical drawings and the installation, with up to five of our staff working on the boat at any one time. Although there were some unavoidable delays during the project due to events in PNG, the end result is a unique boat perfectly suited to the Papua New Guinea environment.

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