Working Safely

JLE has implemented a Health and Safety system called ZERO.This is part of the continuous improvement JLE has embarked on to obtain a zero harm work place.

The processes been implemented have been taken from industry best practices and as part of this improvement. JLE has achieved Tertiary accreditation under the ACC Workplaces Safety Management Practices (WSMP) program.

The key elements of the Zero system is described below.

Leadership -This element includes the direction given by the shareholders, and the demonstrated commitment of the Management Team to implement a build workplace. This will start with their leadership.

Systems - This element includes the Procedures, Processes, Forms, Databases etc that describe how we deliver the ZERO framework, and comply with legislation and customer requirements.

People - This key element is a having workforce who understand the System, motivated by Leadership deliver a safe workplace and individually always work safely and demonstrate safe behaviours.

A fundamental part of the JLE safety objectives is JLE’s management commitment to its people and support of safe behavior amongst employees and contractors and respect for the environment through behavior, actions and personal involvement. Supervisors and managers have an especially important role and must lead and support all HSE activities in the work place along with all employees and contractors. Everyone is actively encouraged to participate in HSE leadership by understanding their HSE responsibilities and honoring them accordingly as is been part of setting JLE’s strategic HSE objectives.

The most important tool to ensure JLE meets this is the communication of the HSE Policies, Procedures and Work Instructions. These are routinely discussed and any revisions to the HSE Policies or Procedures are communicated to employees and contractors via a variety of methods including team talks, pre start meetings and H&S committee meetings.