Delivering Quality

JLE prides itself on the delivery of quality outcomes for our customers.

JLE have implemented a Business Management System called JouLE. JouLE is the environment that JLE uses to operate its business on a day to day basis. JouLE also includes elements on how the Company will meet and comply with International Standard AS/NZS9001:2000.

Whilst compliance with the Quality Standard is maintained, the key objective of JouLE is to provide a complete and effective Business management framework, focusing on optimising JLE’s operations.

The system divided into the following group areas of the operation.

Service Contract, Support, Human Resources, Safety and Environment ,Quality, Service Delivery, Finance and Admin, Project Delivery, Estimating.

The system as an entity resides on an Intranet platform and is totally electronic in structure.

The system also provides access to management data including financial information and performance KPI’s.

Each section is subdivided into further procedures and processes, and where necessary links have been created to forms, model documents, databases and other support material.

The system (as an entity) resides on an Intranet platform and is totally electronic in structure. Records are maintained in both hard and soft (electronic) forms as required.

In addition to the above, the systems described also incorporate a number of “best practices” that have evolved from the company’s continuous improvement programs. It is the company’s intent to foster all changes that enhance the system, whether it is in the form of better work practices, more appropriate technology, or simply a smarter, more efficient approach.