About Us

JLE is a privately-owned New Zealand industrial and commercial contracting business.

JLE is a multi-dicipline contractor and have established themselves as a leading electrical contractor in New Zealand. JLE has the largest geographical coverage for a business of its type and has all the systems to manage this. The diversity of JLE's capabilities gives us the ability to deliver turnkey projects in both the mechanical and the electrical fields.

JLE delivers a range of products and services through a series of branches distributed throughout the pacific, and with operations and companies established in New Zealand (head office), Australia and Papua New Guinea.

JLE's workforce exceeded 170 in 2012.

JLE’s focus moving forward is based on the following philosophies:

  • commitment to the health, safety and well being of our people and customers
  • a broad geographical coverage to support our customers with their projects and their ongoing operational needs
  • an emphasis on delivering quality outcomes for the work we deliver
  • a balanced portfolio of industrial and commercial work
  • strong strategic partnerships and alliances
  • a focus on developing and retaining great people.

Through tenacious implementation of our philosophies JLE intends to grow the business and deliver improved outcomes for our customers.